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Letters to the Editor

Abortion is not a one-sided issue

In an article written in the January 27 issue of The Torch, Greg Allen wrote an article about celebrating the anniversary of Roe v Wade, calling it “a landmark case in our nation’s history and should only be considered a step toward equal rights and the growth and development of our nation’s equality.”  Although I agree with Mr. Allen that this is a landmark case in our nation’s history, I completely disagree with the second part of his statement.

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Intersession Housing Response

Based on my review of the most recent edition of the The Torch, I would like to take this opportunity to provide some information about the intersession housing process at UMass Dartmouth.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 December 2010 11:19

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Why did you leave us outside?

Dear Umass Dartmouth,

On December 4th at 3pm, 12 residents from your campus decided to build snowmen outside, despite the lack of snow. As a substitute, they filled white trash bags up, and created us from the scum you left outside.  Mind you, what they found was only an hour and a half of clean up time, and in Cedar Dell West.

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The need for cameras

In the early AM [sic] hours of December 1st, the fire alarm went off in Hickory. My roommates and I all rolled our eyes, cursed a few times, and left the building along with everyone else. Outside, we waited, complained with other residents, and estimated how long we would be waiting outside before we could go back in. Then, I saw an RA call a group of residents over to inform them that the alarm wasn’t pulled but set off because someone set the second floor bulletin board on fire which also activated the hall way sprinkler system.

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Campus crime epidemic: We are all partly to blame

Over the last week, this campus has experienced incidents of vandalism, assault, burglary and arson. Now, do you feel safe at UMass Dartmouth?

We’d like to say that we do, but in reality it’s difficult to just completely ignore the recent outbreak in crime at this university. In reality, the amount of ignorance and disrespect that we see from the student body here is ridiculous. And, what’s even more ridiculous is that the Department of Public Safety is not keeping us safe.

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