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UMassD casts spotlight on sculptor

Do you really know your school?

Chances are you've had the blinders on most of your time at UMass Dartmouth. It's easy to get caught up in everyday life and not realize that the UMassD community is supported by a complex set of students, professionals, instructors and more.

So, how do you get back in touch with the heart of the school?

The Faces of Umass Dartmouth video series would be a great place to start.

The Faces of Umass Dartmouth is a series of videos meant to portray the unique stories and point-of-view of the individual students, faculty, staff and more that make UMassD the place it is.

The videos are aired to generate revenue and provide a deeper, more illustrative sense of community.

For the month of April, the University got to know Angela Dispirito, sculpture major and student extraordinaire.

Dispirito felt the video series provides “a more truthful statement about the school than a website could and makes it more personal.”

“I feel really special,” she said, “it's a really great privilege to be picked, especially as a transfer student.”

Dispirito transferred to UMassD from Bristol Community College to study sculpture.

She mentioned, “The video shows a lot of my sculpture work, critiques and the studios at the Star Store.”

When asked about her work she added, ”my work matches me.”

Dispirito cites life experiences, deadly creatures, bright colors and loud patterns as her main artistic inspirations.

Some of the work featured in the video includes her wearable art, performance art and her “jellyfish pieces.”

Her senior show art focuses on deadly creatures and concepts of body image.

Other portions of the video show some of the studio processes, like working with the professors or welding.

The video is a great way to learn firsthand about what makes art students unique – and how this artist manages to stand out in a crowd of standouts.

Dispirito said she felt the videos were a great method of fundraising by “showing actual experiences, effort and hard work. It shows what the school really has to offer.”

The interviewing process, though she felt it was generally cool, is not without its pitfalls and awkward spots. When the call came about being interviewed, she was mid-tattoo and talking to Professor Eric Lintala for half an hour.

It eventually all came down to a last minute Skype interview.

While they were filming, she said, “I had to stand outside of the Green Bean while they shot the Star Store like, 20 times. It was kind of embarrassing.”

So, why should you tune into her Faces of Umass Dartmouth video?

“It's going to be a really exciting video!” said Dispirito.

To check out Dispirito's work students can attend the Outdoor Show opening on April 19. They can also check out her work at the Sculpture Senior Show, opening on April 23 from 3 to 5 p.m.

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