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‘More Than Design’ on display at senior show

It’s everywhere.

On your t-shirt, on the Internet, lining the highways you drive down and probably plastered all over your bedroom walls.

Yes, I’m talking about graphic design.

And instead of being overlooked or unappreciated, graphic design will be the star of the night on Thursday, May 12.

As part of AHA! night, the senior graphic design class will be putting on their end of the year show, “More Than Design,” at the Sky Room in New Bedford at 651 Orchard Street #4. The exhibit will start at 6 p.m. and go until 9 p.m.

“More Than Design” has been a year in the making – the senior class was assigned this project on the first day of classes last September.

However, graphic design class president Kyle Thiboutot believes that the show has really been in the works since the class’ freshman year.

“We are taking all of the skills we have learned [over] the past four years and we are putting these skills into a self-directed project. The project’s timeframe has only lasted the course of our senior year, but it’s bigger than that to us.”

As for Thiboutot himself, he created a book “in inspiration” adding that “My inspirations have led me to many things in this project. Some of my inspirations are movies, music, video games, and design/art. This project has inspired me to do a lot and I have put this into my book, and I have brought those aspects to the show.”

But Thiboutot says that there is “a huge variety” among the different projects – it won’t all be Donkey Kong.

“Each designer has a specialty that they pursue their senior year. There are designers that are into info-graphics, poster design, marketing, web design, printmaking, book design, [and] branding, among others,” says Thiboutot. “There are really no projects alike and each graphic designer has their own style and passion.”

Every member of the senior graphic design class will have his or her work displayed at the show and this year, the class worked hard to set their show apart from those in the past. According to Thiboutot, “We wanted to do things differently and we have. Don't take my word for it, come see the show.”

“More Than Design” is a one night only experience but Thiboutot and the senior graphic design class encourages all to attend and dispel their preconceived notions of what graphic design is all about.

“There is a huge misunderstanding of graphic design and it is everywhere you look. We would love for people to walk away learning something from the night, and they will I promise you.”

“Graphic design is just another way to look at something - another way to convey an idea or solve a problem. Thats all any of us are doing,” Thiboutot adds.

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