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Another season for Brett Favre?

What is wrong with the Minnesota Vikings? Is it Brad Childress? Is it Brett Favre? Is it Jared Allen? Is it Adrian Peterson? I will tell you what is wrong with the Vikings. Brad Childress has been fired, but his firing won’t have the positive impact that everyone thinks it will. Adrian Peterson is by far one of the top producers in the league, let alone the team, so it can’t be him. Jared Allen may not be as dominant this season as in the past, but he is still doing his job. That leaves one man. That’s right, Brett Favre. Old #4 has done more to sabotage this team than anyone else has ever done in the history of the NFL. Let’s take it from the top. In the 2009-2010 season, Favre joined the Vikings late into training camp, which made Tavaris Jackson become the backup quarterback. Needless to say, this didn’t go over well with any of the other quarterbacks within the Vikings’ organization.

Favre made up for his antics by bringing the Vikings very close to the AFC Championship, but in typical Favre fashion, he wet the bed late in the season and gave up a late interception to lose the game. Although Favre gave a good performance, he didn’t compensate for the fact that he held a team hostage. The season ended and Favre went back to mowing his lawn while ESPN has a plane circle his house, tossing footballs to high schools kids, and playing football with his friends in his Wranglers.

Then came July then August. ESPN went utterly nuts with the annual “Favre Watch 2010” We went back to the old game of “Deal or No Deal”. Will Favre come back for another season or not? The thing was, Favre signed a two year contract at the beginning of the 2009-2010 season, so he should be coming back again. Why are we talking about it? The reason is, Favre is an NFL icon. He should’ve hung it up years ago, but he didn’t. Anyway, Favre held the Vikings hostage once again by flip flopping whether or not to come back. This is where it gets really scary and confusing. A guy who never held out a day in his life, is not holding out. The Vikings sent players down to his home in Mississippi to try and convince him to come back. Favre didn’t make a decision until he was paid more money. Wait a minute. If a player doesn’t come back when he is supposed to come back unless he is paid more money, isn’t that a holdout? I rest my case.

Favre is now one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. With 17 interceptions so far this season and a miserable passer rating, he is slow, old, and immobile. The only reason he is on the field is because he puts butts in the seats. Childress’ refusal to sit Brett Favre has shown that he had no control over the team. If Tom Brady were as bad as Brett Favre, Bill Belichick would have sat him a long time ago and replaced him with Brian Hoyer. With Childress gone, Leslie Frazier has been placed as the interim head coach. This has proven positive for the Vikings as they won on Sunday against the Redskins 17-13. Will this solve every problem in their organization? No, but it is a start. With Favre “promising” that this is his last season, the Vikings will be on the hunt for a new quarterback. Most likely it won’t be Tavaris Jackson. They have no faith in him, so they will most likely dip into the draft for a high profile rookie. If they had any faith in Jackson, they would’ve sat Favre and played Jackson. He has been behind a 41 year old washed up quarterback whose next competition will most likely come from a VH1 show or “Dancing With the Stars” Favre will be remembered for his antics at the end of his career and not for his accomplishments when he played for the Packers. Favre is an attention seeking missile who explodes when he doesn’t get it, so he tries to do something outrageous. He is the pride and joy of the NFL, even if it drags down the entire thing.

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