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End of the year list of changes

It’s the end of the semester, and it’s a safe wager to suggest there are a lot of issues grinding people’s gears. Here’s a list of some of the issues and changes we here at the Women’s Resource Center would like to see resolved, or at least reflected upon in a serious manner, before the commencement of next semester:

The “Birther”-racism assailing and inhibiting Barack Obama disappears. He’s already provided multiple forms of proof that indisputably lead one to believe he is at the very least a United States citizen. Despite these releases, however, racism is still fueling the issue and driving some unfortunate parties to degrade Obama on an issue that failed to arise under the reign of previous, Caucasian presidents. As Stephen Colbert noted satirically of the issue, “At this point we can’t be certain who this man’s parents are. Which means I have no proof that he’s even a black man. He could be white, and if that’s the case, I don’t understand why we’re questioning his legitimacy.” It’s not funny anymore, it wasn’t funny to begin with, and it certainly wasn’t humorous in between when the national media was treating viewers like children and “Birthers” like humans; specifically the articulate kind that prefers walking upright.

Birth control companies realize making money and saving lives can and should be the same thing. Despite recent research conducted in California revealing maternal mortality is rising, and the number of women using the morning-after pill (Plan B) has more than doubled since becoming legal without a prescription; large pharmaceutical companies have cut or eliminated research and development on new and improved forms of contraception. Current statistics show that 70% of sexually active women do not want children, and 20% percent of all women who have tried birth control were not satisfied with the form they used. Due to religiously motivated pressures, abstinence is still being spread as a "realistic" form of contraception, as faith-based initiatives still receive millions of dollars from the government and are responsible for 30% of sex education in America. Hopefully pharmaceutical companies will reflect on recent research and recognize the profitable market to be explored in humans who like having sex and wish to live afterwards.

Attacks on Planned Parenthood will cease and the organization can continue providing health services to men and women. Recently, Republicans have used budgetary issues to disguise and promote biased agendas, most notably Senator Kyle of Arizona's blatant lie claiming Planned Parenthood was primarily responsible for providing abortions, when in fact the service is less than 3% of their aid. Planned Parenthood was not the only victim of Pro-life's obtuse perspective, as Pro-life representatives also attempted to redefine justifiable homicide, Bill 1171, and thus allow its members to legally assassinate those who are employed at women's health clinics. Maybe over the summer break Pro-life affiliates will reflect on the nature of being Pro-life, Pro-murder, and anti-health services, and amend one or more of the contradictions found in its verminous doctrines.

Gay marriage and homosexual activities will cease to be on the minds of those who claim to despise them, "yet spend every second of everyday thinking about it," as Bill Maher noted. Citizens in California recently voted to support Proposition 8, an approved ban on same sex marriage, but were ruled against by Chief Judge Vaughn Walker because it violates the Constitution's equal protection clause. His decision was challenged because of his long-term same sex relationship, which other legislators felt made him unfit to rule against the proposition. However, maintaining a long-term same sex relationship would seem the exact experience necessary to make such a decision. Also, in Tennessee, a proposition was made trying to eliminate discussions of homosexuality in classrooms k-8. This ban on the word homosexual by Tennessee citizens, however, was not made due to connotations of same sex relationships, but because of the outrageous number of syllables found in the word. The issue will maintain the same hypocrisy as the issue of stem cell research; in which legislators vote against research to cure diseases from which they do not suffer, until heterosexual voters stop trying to control the behaviors of others that do not affect or supposedly interest them.

The Royal Wedding will not be followed by a royal divorce. Or, at least it won't be televised all day everyday to a group of citizens who have recently been fired or handed tuition hikes to pay for a fantasy only a few will have, yet many will not challenge because of delusions that they will also some day experience the same decadence in funny hats.

Extra-terrestrial life returns and picks up the Pro-life drones they forgot here on their last visit.

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