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Cedar Dell living: love it? hate it? more like tolerate it

Torch Photo — Courtney NunesIn comparison to the on-campus housing our freshmen and sophomores put up with (we’ve been there, we know, and we’re sorry), upperclassmen housing must sound like a five-star luxury resort.

The chance of having your own room (privacy, I mean – finally!) and the kitchen-dining-living room, one and a half bath, condo-ish set up for six must be worth the wait… Spoiler alert, Cedar Dell living is not that great.

Sorry, upcoming juniors; you don’t have much to look forward to.

Yeah – so the Dell does come with a lot of perks. No more pulling out your UMass pass to key into your building (oh, the drama if you’ve misplaced the UMass pass), signing in a limited number of friends for a limited number of nights, or frequent bag checks (more like RAs ransacking through our personal belongings). With your own thermostat, you won’t be sweating in the summer or freezing in the winter.

But (there’s always a “but”), start appreciating the cleaning staff now, they won’t be stopping by the Dell to clean your bathrooms and showers, supply you with toilet paper, or vacuum your hallways. A kitchen for six without a dishwasher isn’t exactly ideal either – and neither is one shower.

If you want to park relatively close to your apartment after 8 p.m. (and by “relatively close” I mean anywhere in Cedar Dell Village), don’t count on it. You’ll be parking on the side of Ring Road or in some random lot. Go ahead, take a chance and park in a fire lane; I guarantee you’ll find a ticket securely tucked into your windshield by 4 a.m.

Location, location, location. The location of the Dell is nowhere close to convenient, far away from virtually everything else on campus: food, gym, library, academic buildings, Campus Center – yes, everything. Sure, it’s a manageable walk and yes, there’s the Dart Van. But can you say the Dart Van always stops for you? Or is always on time?

With the weather permitting, the walk isn’t so terrible. But have you seen the sidewalks after all this snow? That’s right, you can’t – they were covered in snow and now coated with ice. Do you hear me UMass Dartmouth? What about you, Chancellor MacCormack? We’re begging, “Shovel us out, too!”

Breaking News: Simply throwing down salt over ice is not sufficient! Fat chance administration is slipping during their commute.

Students can decide for themselves if Cedar Dell living is right for them. There’s a good chance students won’t love it, they won’t hate it, but for all its ups and downs, they’ll tolerate it.

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