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Jeggings: Why has nobody thought of this before 2010?

Jeans + leggings = great idea!Jean leggings. Why did no one think of this before 2010?

Maybe I am being just a bit bold, but I have got to say that jean leggings, or as they are more commonly referred to-jeggings-are the best fashion statement of the past year.

I love almost everything about them. They have the comfort of spandex pants, but they are more socially acceptable, since they are not quite as awkwardly see-through. It’s like yoga pants for the real world, and what girl would seriously want to miss out on that?

The best part about jeggings is that they can pass as jeans. Instead of wearing tight and often uncomfortable skinny jeans, I can break out the jeggings and look stylish without the hassle of sucking myself into stiff pants.

Instead of looking a mess on a Friday morning after a crazy night at Bar 908, I can throw on jeggings and make myself more presentable and a little less sloppy. I honestly don’t understand what’s not to love about this fad.

Plus, jeggings fit people of every size. I am only 5 foot 2 on a good day, and I am not forced to roll up my jeggings as I do my jeans. In jeans, I often look like a child trying to fit into an adult’s pair of pants. When looking for jeggings, I usually find ones that fit me, and I know the same is true of girls of all shapes and sizes striving for that perfect pair of pants.

Jeggings look great with anything. They can be worn with flats as the days get warmer or stuffed into rain boots or UGGS on messier days. They can be dressed up with a fashionable top, or worn with a t-shirt for a more laid-back look.

Most of the female population at UMass Dartmouth has taken to jeggings just as quickly as the UGG boot phenomena. Guys, I know you don’t understand wearing furry boots 6 months out of the year, but the comfort level far outweighs the somewhat silly experience. Plus, if the majority of girls are wearing them, UGGS lose some of their hideous appearance and become a wardrobe staple.

The same is being said of jeggings. Although awkward and completely judgeable at first, girls have grown to love them.

Nevertheless, there are a few don’ts associated with this fad. Jeggings should never be too tight so that the fashion offender is spilling out of them in an unseemly way. They should never appear distressed or be in a super light blue hue, since it will only look like a sad do-it-yourself project instead of an appropriate pair of pants. Wearing jeggings in such a manner can only make girls look tacky.

Plus, if you want to go for a sophisticated jegging look, make sure that the jeggings have pockets and a zipper. The closer they appear to actual jeans the more likely you are to just look like you have a great pair of skinny jeans on. When they have the elastic waistband showing, it takes away some of the class and makes the outfit as a whole sloppier.

Overall, there are evident drawbacks to the jeggings fad, but I don’t really care. I love the comfort they bring me, along with their general appearance, and I don’t plan on quitting my addiction to jeggings, even when they lose their cool factor.

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