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Why did you leave us outside?

Dear Umass Dartmouth,

On December 4th at 3pm, 12 residents from your campus decided to build snowmen outside, despite the lack of snow. As a substitute, they filled white trash bags up, and created us from the scum you left outside.  Mind you, what they found was only an hour and a half of clean up time, and in Cedar Dell West.

The residents’ first stop to constructing us was at the field before Cedar Dell pond. Here, the first few snowmen were constructed out of pieces of fireworks. These are from the fantastic firework display from the beginning of the semester. Though the show was beautiful, the majority of the debris was left behind for the entire semester. That should have been rectified a long time ago by the people in charge of cleaning the campus grounds. After spending some time there, the residents continued on into Cedar Dell West, where they picked up Budweiser bottles, Four Lokos, beer cans, etc. Once they reached Cedar Dell West, everyone split up into smaller groups to search for materials to build snowmen (which were quite abundant). The following list is a small portion of the things they found outside: Innumerable cigarettes, a pair of waders, a toaster, caution tape, a sweater, a tv, one pink thong, an umbrella, a tire, a bag of potatoes, a jug of milk, moldy bread, a mop, cleaning supplies, and so much more. Some trash was neglected for certain reasons. For instance, since no one could reach the trash on top of the roofs of some houses, it was neglected. Nor should they have to take out the garbage bags that residents left in front of their houses (they should probably take them out themselves). Last but not least, there is no way possible that only twelve people could clean the entirety of Cedar Dell West in one hour.

This is your home, Umass Dartmouth. One of the residents stated “If you want to live in a dump, go to UMD.” Are you all content living here in these conditions? This is your home, you should take care of it and respect it. Maybe you don’t care to dispose of your garbage properly. Perhaps, you don’t even mind that you’re wading knee high through filthy beer cans and dirty pink thongs. Believe it or not, there are some students who don’t enjoy the type of environment you are creating for them. These students are not paying thousands of dollars to live in a big wasteland that they have no choice but to tolerate.

The next day after Cedar Dell West was cleaned up, it was trashed once again. A whole new snowman family could have been created! We understand there is a lack of trash receptacles, but that is no excuse to ruin the environment for everyone else. Umass Dartmouth, clean up your garbage and be respectful to others. You are adults, your mothers aren’t going to come clean up after you. Neither are those fine residents who gave up their Saturday afternoon plans to clean up your scum.


The Snowmen

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